Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I am still here!

One of the best things about blog land is that you can come and go as you please. Remember my post about saying goodbye to our old home? Well we did, and life has been CRAZY ever since. House sold super quick.  I am talking the first day on the market quick. (i thought that kind of stuff only happened on HGTV) We had a beautiful lot in mind to build a home but had not even finalized our plans when it sold. So we all squeezed into a small condo and the great builder search was underway. It took a LOT of searching, but we finally found the perfect one.

As you all know I did not finish my project 52 :( However, I did take WAY more than 52 photos with all of this new house building. Just did not get around to posting them because life was so crazy. One thing that I have really enjoyed during this process is searching for other people building houses to see what they are going through and see some of their photos. I figured it was only kind to share my own for anyone else out there searching for some new house inspiration as well. There have been a ton of developments in a short period of time but I figured it was best to start at the beginning. Here are some before photos of the most beautiful lot and the start of our foundation. This is just the beginning! :D

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